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My Husbands Cock in Chasity

Steve had been locked in his cage for about four months. I would occasionally let him out to clean up but for the most part he remained locked up. He had become very attentive since we had started his chastity. Steve made sure he did all of his chores around the house quickly and completely. I had begun to love my new role as the controller of his sexual releases. I found myself getting wet when I would think about his next release. Planning his releases became a challenge for me. Each time I released his cock from its' cage, I made him do something humiliating. I thought for sure that he would finally asked to remove the cage for good and to go back to our former sex life. However, each time I would make Steve do something nasty before I would release him, he would cum that much harder.

Turning wife into a whore

I had the evening planned out well. My wife of less
than a year was young and inexperienced in the ways of
sex. Don’t get me wrong she is one hot sexy girl and
her body and looks would make the dead cum. Long blond
hair and a rockin’ body that never ceases to excite me.
But she lacks experience. With her looks you would
think that she would be an exotic stripper. Incredible
tits and nipples that are thick and long. Lithe sensual
body with legs that are long and shapely like her tight
little ass.

Slyvia and her lab partner have a study date

Wow. Look at that guy's dick goin' in her mouth. He is so big." I touched his knee: "That would be way too big for my mouth, Bruce. I think about doing that with a boy, but I would suffocate with that guy." "Bruce, look at me, please. Don't be afraid. I want you, do you understand? I can't go on without telling you. I'm showing you these pictures because I want you to get excited. I want you to kiss me, Bruce, suck my nipples and touch my pussy. I see your boner in your pants every day. I want to take it out and suck it, Bruce..."' I let my breath out and looked into his eyes to see how

Wife goes on a girls night out and brings home

My wife Deanne and I have been together for ten years, married for eight, and have three wonderful k**s. We had always had a very satisfying sexual relationship, and got along in every way. When we had only been together a short time, I started to have fantasies about seeing her with another man, and later about seeing her with a black man. By the time we got married, I wanted to see her in an all-black breeding gangbang, though she knew nothing of this. I read a letter in a magazine about a married white woman who let black men get her pregnant, and I was hooked. I used to write stories

Neighbor hook up changing of hard drives

So the SSD came and I said to my neighbour that I could just remove her old HD and clone it to the SSD. She said that was OK with her and how long does that take. I said maybe an hour or two but depends on the speed of her old HD, all this went over her head so she said can I take late tonight and do overnight, I was very happy to do that as once I’d cloned it I was gonna snoop around on it and run a recovery program on it. I went back and she was in this stupidly small almost see through nighty and I became instantly hard and we kissed and had a fondle with each other. She squeezed my cock

Pretend I'm Not Elyse and Breed Me

“I caught you staring at her, James. She’s been wearing tight tops, with lower and lower cuts. You just can’t resist it, can you? Checking out a younger model?” Elyse attempted to keep a straight face and not break into a grin as she spoke to her husband James. She pouted and stood up on her tip-toes with his 6ft frame towering over her petite figure. All whilst staring up at his piercing blue eyes. Arms were wrapped tightly around his waist, gripping his shirt, they stood in their apartment’s bedroom. “What does Alanah have that I don’t?” Naturally submissive, the petite blonde was always