Wife goes on a girls night out and brings home

My wife Deanne and I have been together for ten years, married for eight, and have three wonderful k**s. We had always had a very satisfying sexual relationship, and got along in every way. When we had only been together a short time, I started to have fantasies about seeing her with another man, and later about seeing her with a black man. By the time we got married, I wanted to see her in an all-black breeding gangbang, though she knew nothing of this.

I read a letter in a magazine about a married white woman who let black men get her pregnant, and I was hooked. I used to write stories in the computer about Deanne letting black guys cum in her, and draw pictures of her with black guys, and some where she was pregnant. Every time she got pregnant, I imagined what it would be like if the father had been some black guy she had picked up, and to make myself extra horny I used to pretend she was having a black guy's baby.

I didn't know that she had found my drawings and stories, and saw in the browser history that I had looked at almost nothing but interracial wifeslut sites, and interracial impregnation sites. Once when we were doing it during her period she asked why I loved being inside her during that time. I told her it was because she was so wet and nice and sloppy it felt like a black guy had cum in her. She asked me if I would like that and I told her I would love it. I got caught up in the moment and let it slip, but instantly regretted it. Even if she didn't think it was just some off the wall thing which excited me at that moment and really meant nothing, she was oversensitive to my feelings and would surely be angry and upset to think that I felt that way.

We didn't mention it again for a while, then we started a series of letters to each other, me begging her to try a black guy, and her telling me she couldn't but she would try to open up to fantasizing about things and sharing fantasies more. We did, and it was incredible, especially when she started to tell me stories while we made love. She knew what I wanted to hear, and it drove me wild.

After our third k** was born, Deanne started to go out with her friends for 'Girls' Nights Out.' Having lost the extra weight from having k**s, she got lots of attention from horny guys, and loved dancing and flirting. She would come home and tell me about dancing with guys, and I would ask her if they were black. She would start telling stories, and then we would test the bed most of the night. Whenever she came home from these evenings she was always super wet, and she seemed to be getting quite a bit looser, which I thought was from the huge black dildo I had bought her.

Sometimes when she came home from a girls' night out, she was so loose and slippery it felt like I had already fucked her, and I wondered if she was getting it, but she never said anything and I trusted her completely. I had no reason to distrust her; we shared everything with each other. I started to get really turned on allowing myself to wonder if the fantasy was coming true and she was getting black cock. I didn't think she really was, but let the fantasy roll by not questioning too deeply (I later wondered if I had another motivation, as though I might be allowing her to do it by pretending to convince myself deep down that it was too good to be true, just a fantasy that she was playing along with. That way I wouldn't have to deal with the harsh reality of such a scenario, and all the ways it could go wrong).

One day she approached me and said we needed to talk. She seemed nervous. I asked if she was okay and she said that she was late. At first I was shocked, but she was really upset and I was careful not to overreact. I automatically put my arm around her to reassure her and comfort her. I told her it could be anything; there was no need to panic. I asked her how long and she said ten days. "Ten days? Honey you need to go to the doctor. Something might have happened. You're always so regular."

She stopped me and pulled a home pregnancy test kit out of the bag she held. I looked at her with a soft smile, and love in my eyes, and kissed her on the forehead. She held me very tightly, shaking. I held her hand as we went into the bathroom. I opened the package as she pulled up her dress and sat on the toilet. She was on edge. I kept rubbing her shoulders reassuringly, but she was still really tense. I handed her the device, and she held it into the stream as she peed. She wouldn't look at me. I felt terrible. I had confused, even encouraged her with our excited voyages into fantasy, my drawings of her with black men, stories of interracial impregnation and teasing about having a black baby, and obviously she had gotten caught up in it and something had happened. At this point I was in deep denial about the pregnancy, but complete and utter acceptance of her obvious dallies outside matrimony.

She was scared, and seemed to be ready to cry. We still hadn't spoken since she had produced the test kit from the bag. She was terrified, but as I accepted the reality that my sexy wife was a pregnant slut, I grew hot with excitement. The only nagging fear I felt was the worry that the father might be white. I remember contemplating how odd that was, because we could explain a white baby to everyone else as a failure of my vasectomy, but a black baby would be like a bomb going off socially.

I fought these feelings off, to be strong for my beautiful, sexy, possibly pregnant lady. We both held our breath as we waited for the lines to settle and tell us the fate of her egg. As we waited, I lifted her chin with my hand, and stared into her eyes. I smiled and softly told her how much I loved her. She smiled just as she gave in and the tears streamed down her cheeks. She reached out to hug me and we held each other for several minutes, almost forgetting about the test. We broke the embrace and she looked into my eyes, saying, "I love you..."

Before I reveal the test results, I'll relate the story she told me while we waited. One of Deanne's married bar friends, Tina, used to always get all excited about the black guys during their 'Girls' Night Out,' and would dance with them at any opportunity. She used to bug Deanne about trying one, and Deanne would just laugh. The girls used to joke around about it, and tease each other about giving a lap dance or whatever. Deanne thought it was all silly, but joking around was fun. She enjoyed the attention she got from all the men, and would occasionally get very turned on by one or another's advances, and used to fantasize about taking one out into the parking lot for a blowjob, or even a torrid, quick fuck. She knew she would never do it, but when she came home and told me about it, I would do everything I could to get her all fired up to do it. She was always very, very wet after these encounters, and we were both rewarded.

One night when they were out, Tina had let a black guy feel her ass, and even rubbed his crotch as they danced, kissing open-mouthed like they were in heat. She caught Deanne watching wide-eyed and gave her a knowing grin. She left with the guy for a while, and Deanne thought she had gone into the parking lot with him. A few minutes later, she saw Tina sitting on top of another black guy, giving him a lap dance. Deanne stared at the sexy black stud. She thought he was nice looking, and very well built. Muscles turn her on fiercely. She couldn't believe the way they were moving together, so shamelessly. She felt conflicted, because she was jealous, and wondered what it felt like, so close to his cock. She wanted to see it, to feel it. She was wondering if it was as big as they say black guys are...

Tina called her over and said, "Wanna try?" Deanne shook her head, but inside she couldn't help wanting to feel that black studs cock rubbing against her pussy. Tina got off him and went over to Deanne. She kept saying, "Tina, no. I can't. It's not right..." But Tina was more determined, and she pushed Deanne over to the guy's chair and down onto his crotch. Her skirt drifted up as she sat on him, and her bare legs were on his pant legs. She sat there in shock, with her pussy lying against a huge, hard cock. Unzip his pants and move her thong panties to the side and he would be inside her. She was afraid to move. He pulled her head down so he could whisper in her ear as he started to move his hips back and forth, bumping his cockhead into her clit as he told her how much sexier she was than Tina. He said he loved her round, sexy ass and full, wide hips, and she had the biggest, juiciest tits in the place. He told her she was the one he really wanted to put his big cock into. He was moving his hands all over her hips and squeezing her gorgeous tits as he told her what he wanted to do to her.

He asked her if she was on the pill and when she said no, he started to really move his hips and make lots of noise. He was extra turned on that she was fertile. He kept asking her if she wanted him inside her and she said she was married, etc. He tried everything to talk her into it, but she held up to it all; until he started kissing her. Then she melted onto him and started to rub herself along his crotch. She was caught up in the erotic tongue licking kiss, and felt him fumbling with his hand down in between them. Then he moved his hips slightly, and she felt his bare cock against the skin of her leg, and he pushed up against her until his cock was pushing her panties aside. He had undone his fly, and his bare cock was out rubbing against her open wetness. She panicked and tried to get up but he held her and soothed her. He kept telling her she was okay, that they were just playing.

He caressed her and started giving her soft little kisses again, and soon he was sliding his tongue back into her mouth. She was getting into it again, and felt his hand go down under her skirt and move her panties aside. She was getting really caught up in it, and moved her hips back and forth feeling his cock rub against the wet lips of her pussy. He kept whispering to her, asking her if she was turned on with his cock so close to her pussy, so close to going inside and making her a slut. She was getting wetter, and he was getting harder and bigger. He asked her if she wanted to be a slut. Her mouth could say nothing, but her revolving hips said it all. He kept moving her around with his big hands, and her dripping, open pussy was sliding over his bare cock, getting him all slippery.

She looked around but Tina and all his friends were circled around so no one else could see. No one else seemed to know his cock was out. When she knew no one could see them, she got more into it. He started really moving her hips, pushing her up toward his chest, and then sliding her back down. As she rode back down, his cockhead would slide in between her lips, almost entering her, and then bounce into her clit on the way by.

Then one time when she went up onto his stomach, he held his cock up into her as she pushed back down, and she took a few inches of him inside her. Even though he was very thick, she was so excited he went in easily. It was halfway in before she even realized it, and then she couldn't stop. She just kept pushing down onto him, taking him all the way inside her, feeling him stretch her, and completely fill her. She held him, laying her head against his, catching her breath. She was kind of shocked, breathing wildly, not even sure where she was. All she could do was concentrate on feeling him inside her.

He was so deep in her; she had never felt such intense sensations. Very sensitive, untouched parts of her body were being caressed and stimulated. She felt like a virgin, what a virgin is supposed to feel like. She could feel herself stretching gently to accept him, bigger, looser than she had ever been, and she didn't want it to ever end.

At that moment his large cockhead was bumping gently into her cervix, caressing it, teasing it open to accept his sperm. Her womb was warming with a fresh flow of blood, excitedly beginning to spasm with the first tremors of her developing orgasm, as it anticipated the rush of semen into her vagina. She straightened her back a bit to press herself down onto him and she felt his movements become more intent, more deliberate, as he struggled to get deeper inside her.

Suddenly she realized what was happening and felt she had to stop it, but he started holding himself in her, and she couldn't resist moving with him, keeping him in deep, waiting for the first shudder of his release into her. It felt so good riding him that she couldn't stop. She forgot all about me and the k**s at home, all about the people at the bar, and her ovulation, and gave herself to feeling him in her, feeling him deep inside her, filling her. She was getting excited, trying to control her passionate breathing, and heard him start to moan into her ear. His breathing got wilder and he started to push deeper, tenderly moving just so slightly in and out, staying deep inside. He was whispering to her how hot she was, how wet, how tight her pussy was, what a sexy, horny, married white slut she was, and she went wild. She told him to keep calling her a slut, that she loved it.

They started to kiss again, more feverishly than ever, and he pushed himself deep inside her and held himself there. She realized he was going to cum in her and she panicked. She suddenly wanted to, needed to stop it, but she couldn't. It felt so good she just pushed down against him, holding him deep in her, waiting to feel it.

There was a pause that seemed to last for ages, and then she felt it: the first spurt of hot semen, shooting deep, so deep inside her. It was boiling, gushing. Then there was another big burst of it, then another and another, splashing forcefully against her cervix, and finally she felt him pulse a few more times, and then relax.

She felt some of it immediately run out of her, splattering on her legs, and ass cheeks. She felt her panties getting soaked and sticky. She was surprised that it wasn't gross, but exciting. The gooey mess inside her made her want more.

She pushed down against him and felt herself swelling toward a blinding, intense, quaking orgasm. She could do nothing but hold his head against her chest, steadying herself as it pulsed through her entire body. As she convulsed on his huge, black cock, her cervix was rippling, pulsing, sucking the hot, fresh semen into her womb, desperately needing it inside. She had never felt such intense pleasure.

She struggled to catch her breath, still holding him close, cheek pressed to searing, sweaty cheek as she tried to control her breathing. She finally whispered in his ear that it had been the best she had ever felt, that she hadn't believed it could feel like that, so intense, and lovingly kissed him for a few minutes.

She carefully pulled herself off him, still shaking, and walked on sore, wobbly legs to go clean herself up. She couldn't believe how much he had shot into her. There was a steady river pouring out of her. As she wiped herself she couldn't believe that she had even let him cum inside her, when she knew she was probably ovulating right then, or that she knew she wanted him to do it again and again, all night.

She stayed in the stall for a few minutes, trying to take it all in, to comprehend. Trying to decide what she should do, as she began to face the realization that she could not stop herself from going straight back to him for more. Eventually she gathered the courage to go back out and see her irresistible lover again, the man who had made her into a slut. He had turned her on so much that she actually wanted to have his baby, and would do anything to get him to get her pregnant. She tried to calm herself down but she was still shaking.

She looked at her watch: It was 10:30pm.

As she walked back to where he was sitting she could see where she had dripped cum onto the carpet from her sloppy, flooded pussy. She sat on his lap and kissed him for several minutes, then asked him to give her a ride home. He said of course, and when they got out to his car, she got in the back seat, pushed her skirt up around her waist and pulled her sloppy panties off, putting them into her purse.

He joined her, removing his pants to reveal the monster that had been in her. She spread her legs and he rubbed his hardening cock against her, making both of them hot. She was moaning, begging him to stop teasing and fill her with his cock. Before long, he eased himself back into her sloppy pussy, and pushed all the way in again. She gasped and begged him to fuck her, to cum deep in her as many times as he could.

With him on top of her, she could feel him moving from side to side, up and down, and sliding along her G-spot the way I do when we are in that position. The difference was he was so much deeper. She felt him reaching into her cervix again, this time smearing it around in her. She felt him pumping against her womb, building the heat in her again. He leaned over her and kissed her, licking her tongue, kissing her neck, biting her chin, and then sucking her tongue into his mouth.

They kept building and building, and he seemed to get bigger and deeper, and she felt herself getting wetter and hotter. When he pushed all the way in she was overwhelmed, and arched her back as he shot scalding hot jets of his cum deep into her. She could feel it exploding inside her like a water balloon bursting, flooding her. Again his surge of sperm inside her set off her own burst of passion, and she shuddered under him as her cervix took another drink of his gift to her, saturating her womb with his robust seed.

As they settled down, he opened her shirt and moved her bra, and started working on her luscious tits. He stayed semi-hard inside her as she started to go wild from his attention to her nipples. Her head was swimming now as he just kept her trembling with excitement, constantly exhilarated, flowing from one wet, sloppy orgasm into another, cumming inside her again and again, until she was left wide open with his sperm flowing out of her continuously.

At 3:30am, when she got home, she was extra careful to be quiet. She didn't want to wake me, to have to face me and tell me all about it. She still didn't understand what had happened, why she had done it, why she had felt that way, and she just couldn't handle sharing it with me, at least not yet.

When she got into bed, I was already awake, and reached my arm around her. I hugged her and told her I loved her, as usual. I asked if she had had a good time. She said yup, and that she was tired. I told her I was horny all night waiting for her to come home, dreaming about all the guys she was dancing with, wondering if they were feeling her up, or kissing her. She said she would suck me.

She went down between my legs and started out licking my cock form base to tip, holding her tongue on me, slathering spit all over me. She knew I loved it like this, ironically because I imagined it felt like I was in her pussy after she was stretched by a huge black cock and filled with his cum. I kept telling her this and she got more and more excited. I asked her if she danced with any black guys, and she told me there was one...

She started 'telling me stories.' I thought she was making it up like she usually did, from our previous fantasy sessions together, but that night it was different, more original, more of her own personal desire, and very detailed. I thought that we might be taking the fantasy to another level, that maybe she was getting more receptive to a discussion about actually trying a special encounter with a black man. Of course I was incredibly turned on by this prospect. She was getting very horny, and I begged her to climb on top. She did immediately and took me in instantly, all the way inside her very sloppy pussy.

I remember how wet she was, it was flowing out, and she was so hot inside, it was like she had a fever. I knew it wasn't time for her period; in fact she was at maximum fertility right then. And she was so loose... Oh my god it felt incredible. I always loved it when we did it twice, even better three times, because after the first time she was nice and loose and gooey. Nothing turns me on more than a woman who has just been fucked, and no one turns me on like my wife. At first I didn't think she had really done it, but I allowed myself to pretend she was stretched by a black cock and filled with cum. And she was so slippery and open; I was starting to wonder if she really had been fucked. It got me so hard I was almost passing out.

I commented on how sexy it was that she was so loose, that I loved it. She sighed, and said it was because she was so excited. I said I could tell by how wet she was. She got more into it. I told her she was like a fountain, like a black guy with huge balls had pumped her full of his cum. She gasped and started really getting into it. "You're so loose; he must have been huge..." She moaned loudly and started humping furiously. "His cum is still oozing out of you, your fertile womb must be full of his hot, powerful sperm." She started to really make noise, and the bed was creaking noisily.

I knew it was time to get it over with, before the k**s woke up. When she was just about to release, I held her close, pushed myself deep and whispered in her ear, "Sweetie, do you think you're pregnant?"

She went off like a cannon, and I returned fire simultaneously. It was the most intense mutual orgasm we had ever had; the whole world disappeared as we joined into one. We were both straining to get closer, to get deeper, holding our heads together for dear life, as our bodies quivered and pulsed with blistering heat, wrapped around each other like a steal cage, sweat flying around like rain.

As we both regained our wits, our breathing slowly came back under control, and we both listened to hear which k**s had woken up. None--Whew. Gradually she lay down on top of me and we collapsed together, drained and paralyzed.

For several minutes neither of us could even talk, never mind move. As the heat of our bodies returned to normal, and our breathing got under control, I began to play with her hair and kiss her softly. I told her how much I loved her and then asked her delicately, tenderly, if something beautiful had happened tonight.

She was silent for a long time, and then said, "Sorry, I told him I was married and he lost interest."

I groaned, believing her. I made her promise, triple promise that next time she had a chance like that, she would remember the experience we had just had, and say yes to him. She was silent for a while, so I bugged her until she finally agreed, but it didn't sound like she really meant it, or even like she was all there. I told her what had just happened to us was the most intense experience I had ever had, and that it was because of the excitement that the fantasy awakened in both of us. She was really tired, and seemed to need to sleep, so I just dropped it, and she fell asleep on top of me for a while--something I always loved.

In the morning I noticed a large hickey on her neck, and two smaller ones on her tits. I teased her about it, and apologized. She seemed to have forgotten about the nights activities, and we carried on. I just figured we had made a bit of progress, and maybe someday she would be willing to talk about trying it. Our love making for the next couple of weeks was amazing, reliving—without really discussing—the intense experience of that wild night.

Now, three weeks later, having just heard her incredible, exciting, beautiful story, and reassured her through her tears of misplaced shame and needless fear that I loved her more right then than I ever had, I held up the pregnancy tester and smiled an uncontrollable smile from ear to ear. Her mouth fell open as I held it up for her to read: Pregnant!

She hugged me harder than she ever had, and seemed to be crying. I told her repeatedly that I loved her; that we were already the most interesting family in town; and now we would have living proof that she was the sexiest wife any guy could ever want. As she calmed down and I shot down every one of her concerns with a logical, loving answer, she began to smile.

She looked into my eyes, some tear still left in her gorgeous baby blues, smiling softly as I told her, "The baby inside you is half you, so I love him or her already. The other half is a man who gave you the most intense, passionate pleasure you have ever felt and awakened the beautiful slut that was just waiting inside you, and I will always be indebted to him for giving you this baby. Now, do you believe I love you, or what?" I will remember that hug, that adoring kiss, those happy, beautiful eyes smiling at me, for the rest of my life.

As she settled down, I told her how much it turned me on that she had a black guy's k** growing in her tummy. She giggled. I told her that pregnant chicks get me hard, that once you go black you'll never go back and Big Black Cock slutwives are the sexiest women on earth, and that she'd better get those pants off before they get ripped...

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My wife Deanne and I have been together for ten years, married for eight, and have three wonderful k**s. We had always had a very satisfying sexual relationship, and got along in every way. When we had only been together a short time, I started to have fantasies about seeing her with another man, and later about seeing her with a black man. By the time we got married, I wanted to see her in an all-black breeding gangbang, though she knew nothing of this. I read a letter in a magazine about a married white woman who let black men get her pregnant, and I was hooked. I used to write stories